Newborn Photography, Baby Photography in Southampton, Hampshire.

Privacy Policy 

​For the purposes of this document the business (Lucinda Photography) will be known as ‘The Photographer/us’.

1. What information is being collected? 

A variety of information before, during and after you book with The Photographer. This includes:

  • Names, Addresses and Contact Information including telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses and names of the client(s) making a booking and/or placing an order.
  • Names, Addresses and Contact Information including telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses and names of the person(s) using our services.
  •  Names, ages/dates of birth of the child/children who participate in the photo shoot.
  • Certain payment methods and information such as card transactions will be stored via a mobile device.
  • Any E-Mail’s or social media messages will be stored within the private email system or social media accounts. These messages are stored for as long for as long as the photographer sees fit.

2. Who is collecting the data?

  •  This data is being collected by The Photographer, Lucinda Photography. We use a password protected email service and paper records in a written diary.

3. How is it being collected?

  •  The majority of the data we collect comes directly from the client by filling out an online contact form, telephone calls/message, e-mail/social media message and face to face conversations.
  • In some instances, data may be given to us by a third party. This includes if a gift  voucher is purchased. Names / addresses and email addresses will be collected/stored of the person(s) purchasing the gift voucher and of those whom the voucher is intended for in a diary. This allows us to both process their order/booking and provide our service to both parties.

4. Why is it being collected?

  • The data we collect is solely for the purpose of providing the client with a service they have ordered. We are required by law to collect and store certain information relating to any order you place with us.

5. How will it be used?

  • Data collected will be used by The Photographer to enable us to provide services and products to the client and stored within the private email system/social medial messaging provider or in a handwritten diary.

6. Who will it be shared with?

  • We do not sell your data to third party organisations.
  • First names may be shared with Manufacturers such as our lab provider when printing products due to unique filenames being printed onto individual products.

8. How long is the data stored?

  • Photographic data (final images in a clients gallery) we collect, may be stored indefinitely but up to a minimum of three months after the date of a viewing appointment. This is to allow us to provide a better service to you as a customer or due to any unforeseen circumstances the client may find themselves in.
  • We are legally obliged to store data of order records and payment records indefinitely.
  • Paper records - booking forms containing data will be shredded at the start of every commencing new year. Written diaries will be kept indefinitely.

If you have any questions about data we hold about you, please feel free to contact the photographer at 1 Highgrove Close, West Totton SO40 7PR.