Newborn, Baby Photography, Southampton, Hampshire

Behind the scenes

These days more and more people are booking Newborn photographers for the wrong reason. Price can be very influential when it comes to this type of photography. It is so important to find the right photographer for you! So please consider whether to book the cheapest photographer simply because they offer all your images on a disc for £50. Chances are, you will probably regret not making an investment - you might even end up spending again because you didn’t get what you wanted in the beginning! I feel the most important thing when choosing your photographer is to fall in love with their images and style not the prices!!

This is what you are really paying for:

Equipment -

  • Camera
  • Lens'
  • Lighting/Electricity
  • Props and Blankets ( To give you a wide range of choice and covering everyone’s tastes)
  • Heating ( Newborn’s need to be kept warm )
  • Water ( Newborn’s wee/poo on some of the blankets. All of which need washing )
  • Insurance
  • Then the editing … Your session doesn’t just finish when you leave. After your session I take a lot of care to go over every single image making sure the quality is perfect before you see it in your own private gallery. It takes many, many, hours editing one session alone.
  • Editing & presentation softwear
  • Website - A lot of time and money is spent on a professional website.

Time that also needs covering -

  • Assistant (for maximum safety when posing your baby an assistant is required.)
  • Organising diaries and contacting clients to arrainge sessions
  • The time setting up and packing away the studio
  • Time designing and continually updating websites and social media pages.  
  • Uploading, converting and backing up all images from the session
  • Ordering consultation - Time viewing all your carefully selected images
  • Preparing images for print and placing orders
  • Packaging orders
  • Membership fees and training days/courses